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Nu-Way’s Showroom Staff Will Help You Select The Right Water Heater To Fit Your Needs

defender_safety_system_video.jpgWith so many different water heaters available on the market, it is important to know what to look for when choosing the right hot water heater for your needs. Residential water heaters are available in different types. The most popular type is called a standard vent gas hot water heater, in which the exhaust gases are vented up through the chimney of the house. Other heaters, such as the direct-vent hot water heater or power-vent hot water heater, vent the exhaust directly out the side of the house and eliminate the need for a chimney. This type of residential water heater is popular with today's new energy-efficient homes. Another type of water heater is a direct-fired or instantaneous water heater (also called tankless, on demand, or instant hot water heater). This type of home water heater saves money because water does not have to be stored and heated before use.

When you decide what type of water heater you should have in your home, consider your individual needs. You’ll need to think about the number of people residing in the house and whether there are fixtures that use high volumes of water, such as whirlpools and soaking tubs. For builders and contractors working with commercial projects, there are a number of water heaters suitable for commercial buildings. Visit the Nu-Way showrooms. Let the Nu-Way heating specialists help you review your water heater options and make the right selection for your home or business.

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Bradford White Water Heater Systems for Residential Use

Bradford White offers a wide array of both natural and LP (propane) gas-powered water heaters for residential use. These durable products provide years of dependable service and are designed to give you more hot water for the money. Probably the least expensive tank-type water heaters to purchase and install, electric-powered models are a favorite with builders and installers in areas where alternative fuel sources are unavailable. Recent regulatory changes have made this type of electric water heater much more efficient, which means that this product class can offer you a better value. Both gas and electric water heaters come in virtually every size and capacity, to fit any home’s need for dependable hot water. At the Nu-Way showrooms, the Nu-Way heating specialists can help you select the best Bradford residential water heater for your home.

Commercial Water Heater Systems

commercial_water_heaters.jpgBradford White’s MAGNUM Series is an extensive and comprehensive line of commercial water heaters used by engineers, mechanical contractors, professional installers, building owners, and others for practically every type of commercial installation. This all-inclusive line provides professionals with solutions to the multitude of challenges they face when specifying, installing, and buying commercial water heating products. The eF Series utilizes exclusive designs and technologies for unsurpassed efficiency, installation flexibility, and quiet operation. With thermal efficiencies as high as 99.1%, these units are the most efficient of their kind in the industry. The eF Series can vent vertically or horizontally, with either 3" or 4" PVC, CPVC, or ABS vent pipe, and is approved for direct vent closed combustion applications or those applications that require inside air for combustion. With everything from six-gallon utility models to 2500-gallon giants, there’s a Bradford White commercial electric water for nearly every application. The Nu-Way heating specialists are ready to assist heating professionals with commercial water heater applications.

Tankless Water Heater – On Demand Hot Water – Bosch Water Heater Systems

tankless_water_heaters.jpgBosch is one of the leading producers of tankless water heaters in the world, offering models rated from 2.6 to 6.35 gallons per minute. Tankless water heaters feature a virtual endless supply of hot water and an 87% average efficiency rating along with the capability of venting directly outside the home, which eliminates the need for chimney venting. These features make Bosch water heaters a smart choice for the tank-type water heater replacement market. The Nu-Way heating specialists are knowledgeable about tankless water heater applications and are ready to help you decide whether they’re the right option for you.

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