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Select Your Bathroom Vanity and Get Help with Your Bathroom Designs at the Nu-Way Michigan Showroom

If you’re thinking about including bathroom vanity cabinets as part of your bathroom designs, drive to the Nu-Way bathroom showroom nearest you and look at the bath vanity models on display there. At the showroom, the Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists will talk with you about everything you’ll need to think about when considering bath vanities for your new home construction or your bathroom remodel. We will also give you the help you’re looking for in developing or finalizing your overall bathroom design ideas. When considering bathroom sink vanities, you’ll have to determine whether you want a freestanding bathroom sink vanity — these are also called furniture style bathroom vanities — or a built-in one. If you really want to make a fashion statement in your bathroom designs, you should consider a freestanding bathroom vanity that is elegantly wrought and uniquely detailed, like a piece of fine furniture. Whichever way you decide, you should be sure that your bathroom vanity cabinet contains enough storage space for your toiletries and counter space for your bathroom activities. The decision about freestanding or built-in vanity cabinets, however, is only one of the many decisions the Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists will guide you through, when it comes to planning your bathroom designs.
  • You’ll decide which style in bath vanities will best fit your bathrooms. At the Nu-Way showroom, you’ll see modern bathroom vanities (contemporary bathroom vanities), glass bathroom vanities, antique bathroom vanities, and wood bathroom vanities, among others. We may suggest a double sink vanity, especially if more than one family member uses the bathroom at one time. For each style, you can opt for American (framed) vanity cabinets or European (full-access, frameless). In an American-style bathroom cabinet, a thick frame is attached to the front of the bath vanity cabinet and the cabinet doors are attached to the frame using hinges. European bath cabinets, in contrast, use no frame; the thicker side panels provide the rigid support the bathroom cabinet needs. As a result, in European bath cabinets, it’s easier to access the interior and there’s typically more interior space available for storage. The Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet design specialists will thoroughly explain the options and help you with that decision.

  • You’ll select custom bath cabinetry, semi-custom, or stock bath cabinetry for your bathroom vanity cabinets. If you’re working with a good-sized budget and are not in a hurry, you might consider custom bathroom cabinets designed to fit in with your unique bathroom designs. When you go with custom bath cabinetry, you can have a luxury bathroom design that expresses your personality and creativity to the utmost. With custom cabinetry, you’re limited only by the budget you’re working with in selecting materials, drawer and shelf designs, doors, finishes, hardware, moldings, trim, colors, and a variety of accessories. You might also consider semi-custom bathroom cabinetry, in which stock (ready-made) bath cabinets are fitted with custom configurations or are re-sized to fit your requirements. Semi-custom bathroom cabinets can be produced more quickly than fully customized products. Generally, semi-custom bathroom cabinets are made with higher-quality materials and construction details than are stock bath cabinets and offer more flexibility for customizing with unique details. The Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists will review the many available options with you and help you make the decisions that are right for your new bathroom vanities.

  • You’ll determine what material will be used for your bath vanities. Some popular options for bathroom vanity materials include wood (maple, cherry, oak, pine, and others); wood veneer, which costs less than wood, has a more consistent grain, and is less affected by humidity; and plastic laminate, available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. Your choice of materials for your bath vanity will be affected by considerations about humidity levels. Let the Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists advise you of the pro’s and cons of each material so you can make the right decision for your new bathroom design.


Plan the Rest of Your Bath Cabinets to Fit In with Your Bathroom Design Ideas

The Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists will help you decide on the rest of your bathroom cabinetry at the same time you’re making your bathroom vanity selections. We will review any blueprints your contractor has provided you or will visit your home to take measurements and sketch out your floor plan. Based on your bathroom vanity selection, we will make recommendations about the remaining bath cabinets we think might best fill in your bathroom design plans, including sizes, shapes, and other features. When you select the rest of your bathroom cabinetry, you’ll need to consider the same questions you thought about when selecting your bathroom vanities, including the style and the materials used, as well as some other considerations. 

  • Make your bathroom countertop decisions when you’re selecting your bath cabinets. Your bathroom vanity may come complete with its own countertop, but your remaining bath cabinets and countertops need to fit hand-and-glove. Your countertop decisions will also be affected by the type of sinks you select. The Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet design specialists are prepared to help you review your bathroom countertop options.

  • You’ll also decide on the finish and hardware for your bathroom cabinetry. You’ll select from bathroom cabinet finish options that include natural wood, stain, glaze, paint, and specialty finishes such as crackle, splatter, rub through, and others. You’ll also need to select hardware such as drawer pulls, bathroom cabinet handles, and other accessory hardware items used inside the drawers and cabinets as well as throughout the bathroom. The Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists will show you the many options available and help you narrow down and finalize your choices.


Let Nu-Way Help You Select Bath Vanities and Bath Cabinets That Create the Right Mood for Your New Bathroom Designs or Your Bathroom Remodeling

Visit the Nu-Way Michigan bathroom showroom for assistance in selecting bathroom vanities and other bathroom cabinetry that will establish make the statement you want to make in your bathroom designs. At the Nu-Way bathroom design showroom, there’s nothing that can take the place of seeing the many product models on display and trying them out. Whatever price range you’re most comfortable with, and whatever your style preferences, you’ll find something that will inspire you at the Nu-Way bathroom design showroom. At Nu-Way, we can help you envision how your selections will look in your home. If you want to be satisfied in the end with the bathroom vanities and other bath cabinets you’ve selected, we encourage you to visit the Nu-Way bathroom design showroom at the beginning of the bathroom design process, so you can take full advantage of all the knowledge and experience that the Nu-Way bathroom and cabinet specialists have to offer.