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Bring Your New Bathroom Designs or Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to the Nu-Way Michigan Bathroom Showroom

For your new home construction or bathroom remodel, the Nu-Way bathroom showroom is the best place to imagine how your bathroom design ideas would look in real life. Visit the Nu-Way kitchen bath showroom Utica to try out working models of every bath fixture and accessory you’ll need to outfit both the premier bathrooms in your home — your master bath and the guest bathrooms — and the smaller bathrooms that are more hidden and perhaps less used. Whether you’re designing new luxury bathrooms for a home construction plan or completing more modest bathroom renovations in your current home, we would like you to consider the Nu-Way kitchen and bath showroom in Utica as your very own bathroom showroom. Michigan is well served by having the finest and most fully furnished designer showroom for bathroom products that can be found in the nation. And the bathroom specialists at each Nu-Way kitchen bath showroom invite you to visit and take advantage of the depth of their supply inventory, their longstanding relationships with bath manufacturers, and their customer service — all without peer in the industry. And even if the showroom is a little out of your way, the knowledgeable Nu-Way staff will make it worth the drive! You won’t be disappointed in the service and selection at Nu-Way Supply. For bath products, you can shop anywhere, as long as you buy at Nu-Way!


You’ll Appreciate Nu-Way’s Commitment to Customer Service


Because every Nu-Way bathroom specialist has years of experience and knows the intricacies of the water supply, plumbing parts, and floor space needed to support the bathroom designs or bathroom remodeling ideas you have in mind, the products you ultimately select will fit your home in every way. When you leave the Nu-Way bathroom showroom, you’ll have the bathroom plumbing sketches your contractor or builder will need to install the bath products you’ve selected and the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made your selections based on the best information available. Once you make your selections at Nu-Way, you can stop worrying. Coordinate the delivery of your bathroom products with the progress of your home construction or bathroom remodel. The bathroom specialists in the Nu-Way bathroom design showroom are committed to helping you with all aspects of The Nu-Way bathroom specialists — with their background, experience, expertise, and professional customer service — are never happier than when they’re assisting you with your bathroom design or bathroom remodeling plans. We want you to feel at home at Nu-Way and want you to consider our showroom your first choice in designer showrooms or bathroom remodel showrooms. We’re interested in seeing you return to our kitchen bath showroom for your next project. We want you to use Nu-Way for all your bathroom remodeling and installation. To keep your loyalty as a Nu-Way customer, we stand behind our products and we won’t let you down!


Nu-Way’s Bathroom Showroom Staff Know Shower Systems, Soaking Tubs, and Everything Else about Bathrooms


whirlpool_tubs.jpgWhen it’s time to select the
bathroom shower and bath tub fixtures for your bathroom remodeling project or for the bathroom design in your new home, you’ll really appreciate the knowledge and expertise of the Nu-Way showroom staff. At the Nu-Way bathroom showroom, the bathroom specialists are familiar with all the bathroom shower models and with every bath tub or soaking tub made by the bath manufacturers. In addition to giving you information about the fixtures themselves, the knowledgeable Nu-Way bathroom specialists will also give you ideas about the many ways that showers and tubs can be custom designed to suit your personal preferences. When you’re outfitting a bathroom with bathroom shower systems, bath showers, shower kits, custom shower enclosures, soaking tubs, or tub enclosures, you need to make your purchasing decisions based on the best information available. Visiting a Nu-Way bathroom showroom will give you the opportunity to talk with bathroom specialists who can tell you everything you need to know about what bathroom products are available from all the manufacturers, how they’re designed, and how they function.


Nu-Way Offers Shower Faucets, Tub Faucets, and Bathroom Sink Faucets of All Kinds


If you’re buying bathroom showers, tubs, or sinks, you should buy the bathroom faucets at the same time. The knowledgeable Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists are ready to assist you in reviewing the bathroom faucet options available for the bathroom fixtures you’ve selected. Whether you’re outfitting a bathroom in your new home construction or doing a bathroom remodel, you’ll need to consider shower faucets, tub faucets, and bathroom sink faucets that offer performance and durability, that are appealing to the eye, that fit with your bathroom’s overall design, and that are in the right price range for you. The Nu-Way bathroom specialists are very familiar with all the bath faucets on the market and can help you sort through all the options. We encourage you to visit the Nu-Way bathroom showroom and talk to the Nu-Way specialists, who can assist you in selecting bath faucets you’ll be pleased with.