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Try Our Whirlpool Bath Tubs and Air Bath Tubs at a Nu-Way Michigan Bathroom Showroom


When you’ve finally decided to treat yourself to the luxurious experience of a whirlpool bath or an air massage bathtub — together known as jetted tubs — in your new or remodeled bathroom, visit the Nu-Way bathroom showrooms and try these tubs on for size — literally. The knowledgeable Nu-Way bathroom specialists will tell you all you’ll need to know about whirlpool baths and air tubs. We’ll also show you several models and invite you to try them out. In fact, we’ll recommended that you step into the tubs and sit down in them, to make sure you select the size that will fit you the best and the model that will please you the most. At the Nu-Way bathroom showrooms, working tubs are available for you to try out. You can actually start up a whirlpool bathtub and an air bath and see them in action.

When you’re selecting a hydrotherapy tub or an air massage bathtub, visit a Nu-Way bathroom showroom to find out everything you’ll need to know about the products available from all the manufacturers and how they’re designed. And you can see for yourself how they work by trying out the models displayed in the bathroom showroom. The experienced Nu-Way specialists can help you make your selections based on your personal preferences and the budget you’re working with. In addition, we can tell you — and will draw out for you — the plumbing lines, plumbing parts, mechanical requirements, electrical supply, and hot water supply it will take to support the tub you’ve selected. You’ll walk out of the Nu-Way bathroom showroom with all the information you or your bathroom contractor will need to install the hydromassage tub or air massage bathtub you’ve selected.

When you visit the Nu-Way bathroom showroom to see whirlpool bathtubs and air tubs, the first thing the Nu-Way specialists will help you decide is which kind of tub you want. We will review the advantages of each so you can make the best decision for you, your family, and your home.

True Whirlpool Bathtubs Offer a Relaxing Hydrotherapy Experience


Photo of Remodeled Bathroom If you’re in the market for a true whirlpool bath, also called a whirlpool bathtub and hydrotherapy tub, the Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists can introduce you to models from several manufacturers. Whirlpool tubs offer a relaxing spa experience right in your own home. A whirlpool tub is a soaking tub that uses an electric pump to circulate the water through its pipes. While you are immersed in water set to the temperature you prefer, the circulated water enters the whirlpool bathtub in pressurized jets of water positioned in various places throughout the tub. When the water comes through the jets into the whirlpool bathtub, it will hydromassage your body, providing a relaxing experience and perhaps some health benefits, too, in relieving stress, alleviating pain, and facilitating blood flow. Residential whirlpool baths have been around since the 1960s and have provided homeowners with many hours of relaxation and enjoyment. With regular cleaning and maintenance of the whirlpool bathtub unit and its parts with specially formulated products, these tubs can provide you and your family with hours of pleasure.


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Air Tubs Offer an Alternative That May Work for You

Photo of Remodeled Bathroom Air tubs, also known as air massage tubs and air jet tubs, work by releasing a steady stream of warm air into the water from outlets located throughout the tub. Because these tubs circulate air instead of water, their piping systems are automatically dried out after each use. With air baths, you can use bath oils and bath salts to enhance your spa experience. In addition, air bath tubs are often less expensive than whirlpool tubs, and may fit into a smaller footprint in your bathroom. Air bubble tubs come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and colors, and offer an array of options that will add up to a relaxing, stress-free spa experience. The Nu-Way bathroom specialists can show you — and help you try out — a variety of air bath models in Nu-Way’s fully furnished bathroom showrooms.

Bainultra® air tubs are the original air jet bath tubs. At the Nu-Way bathroom showrooms, you’ll see Bainultra air tubs — a line of fixtures with years of experience and expertise built into each make and model. Bainultra offers not simply air jetted tubs, but a full home spa that is completely personalized, a unique place in which to take time out, relax, and get away from it all. Complete with accessories and hardware options, all the Bainultra air jet bath tubs offer exceptional massage and a personalized therapy experience. With any Bainultra tub, you can control the duration and intensity of the massage and adjust the temperature of the headrest and backrest. Bainultra offers a range of jetted tubs to choose from. Bainultra’s Elegancia™ air bath comes with a wide selection of frames, each with classic lines inspired by the Victorian era. The Ayoura line® features three levels of air jets and a three-level footrest, for the ultimate in comfort. With the Amma series®, you can choose from among several elegant models, each of which will offer you a heightened sense of well being and new levels of comfort. Ample room for the hips is provided in the Azur air tubs, with their beautifully rounded shapes. Freestanding and claw-foot models are available in the Balneo® line of air jet tubs. The Basa jet tubs by Bainultra are practical solutions for a second bathroom or a summer home. When you visit the Nu-Way bathroom showrooms, you can see the Bainultra tubs on display. The Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists will talk with you about the Bainultra lines and assist you in selecting the right Bainultra jetted tub for your home.

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Customize Your Jetted Tub So It’s Just Right for You

Image of Hydrotherapy Tub Whichever type of jetted bathtub you’ve decided on — whether it’s a whirlpool bath or an air massage bathtub — the Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists can help you customize your selection to accommodate the number of bathers who will use the tub, the size and shape of the space in your bathroom, and your budget. And you might be surprised to discover that two jetted tubs can be better than one! If your whole family is looking for a spa experience, you may want to get one tub suited to the adults and another tub more comfortable for the children. No matter how many jetted bathtubs you select, the experienced Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists will help you select the right options for each one. We’ll advise you about all the options available, including these:


  • Jetted tubs come in different sizes. Consider the tub’s length, width, and depth and how many bathers will use the tub at one time. Tubs for one or tubs that accommodate two or more bathers are all readily available. The best way to make sure you’re selecting the right size is to visit the Nu-Way bathroom showroom, take your shoes off, step into and sit down in the tub models on display, to see which model fits you the best.

  • Jetted bathtubs come in different shapes. While you’re visiting the Nu-Way bathroom showroom, try out tubs that are rectangular, square, circular, and oval; tubs designed like diamonds, hearts, and other shapes; and tubs that fit into the corner. The shape of your tub can be customized to fit your room and your preferences. The Nu-Way bathroom specialists will review the measurements you bring in, discuss the options with you, and help you make the right decision.

  • Jet tubs come in different types. Depending on how your room is laid out, you’ll need to decide whether to select a more traditional alcove tub, which is surrounded by three walls with an access panel in the front and fits into typical bathrooms; a drop-in tub, which is usually placed into an existing platform; or a freestanding tub, which is available in various styles, including the clawfoot tub for an old-fashioned look. The Nu-Way bathroom specialists will review the measurements you bring in, calculate the room needed for the mechanical components, and help you make the right decision.

  • Jetted bath tubs come in different materials and colors. Most tubs are made from acrylic, fiberglass, or cast iron. The Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists will talk to you about the advantages of each, so you can make the decision that’s right for you. At the Nu-Way bathroom showrooms, you can also see all the colors available and select the colors right for your bathroom décor.

  • With jet bath tubs, you can customize the location and performance of the jets. The Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists will help you select the best locations for the water or air jets within your tub, including various places along the bottom and sides of the tub. The location of the jets and their performance — their options for adjusting velocity, pressure, direction, and rotation — will determine the kind of massage your tub will provide, whether you’re looking for a gentle wave action to soothe your stresses away, the feeling of tiny fingers massaging your aches away, or pulsating jets to pummel your tired muscles. And consider whether you want the jet locations to target your neck, your back, your limbs, or other body areas. The Nu-Way bathroom showroom specialists will talk to you about all the available alternatives, so you can make the selections that will give you the best bathing experience.

  • Barrier-free (universal design) jetted tubs are available, too. For an elderly family member or someone with physical limitations, tubs designed with a special emphasis on accommodating special needs are also available. Although these tubs are built with barrier-free features, they are actually easier for everyone to use safely and easily. And they come in attractive designs and styles, as well.

  • Select other options to make your spa experience a satisfying one. The Nu-Way bathroom specialists will help you decide whether you’ll need an inline heater to keep the water temperature constant, where the tub’s controls should be located for ease of access, whether you’ll want a headrest and hand grips to complete your plan, and whether to include a hand-held shower. We can also show you how to incorporate soothing waterfalls, mood lighting, and aromatherapy into your spa experience, and how your tub can accommodate some of the latest technology, such as a high-definition plasma monitor. And, of course, we’ll identify all the mechanical components you’ll need for a perfectly functioning jetted tub.

  • Jetted tubs with showers are available, too. With a shower enclosure custom sized to fit your new hydrotherapy tub or air massage bathtub, you can treat yourself to a hydromassage shower anytime you feel like it.

With Nu-Way’s Help, You Can Have the Home Spa You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Photo of Customized Jetted Tubs If you’ve always dreamed of turning your bathroom into a relaxing retreat from the outside world, Nu-Way can help you do it. With the expertise of the Nu-Way staff, and the opportunity to see and try out everything in the large, fully furnished Nu-Way bathroom showrooms, you will be able to find the right jetted tub for your home. We’ll help you make all the decisions you need to make so you can have that special spa experience you’ve been looking forward to.


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